In the summer of 1916, an outpouring of the Spirit of God began in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A man by the name of Franklin Small started tent meetings on the banks of the Red River that attracted people because of the miracles and healings that were taking place. Originally intended to last for a short time, the meetings grew and needed to be relocated to a building that would accommodate the people coming year round. This outpouring of God’s Spirit was a direct result of Franklin having experienced God moving after the Azusa Street Revival, which began in 1906, in Los Angeles, California. He was greatly impacted by the miracles that he witnessed. Upon coming home to Winnipeg, he began to relentlessly pursue more of God and His presence. Responding out of a heart of obedience, he set up meetings in Winnipeg and God met his desire and poured Himself out upon the people in the same manner as He had at the Azusa outpouring. What started out as revival tent meetings eventually birthed Zion Apostolic Church and many other churches worldwide, continuing with signs, wonders and miracles to this day.



Azusa Winnipeg is a conference that began in the fall of 2016 in celebration of 100 years of revival in Winnipeg and was birthed out of a cry to see God pour out His Spirit as He did many years ago. God was faithful to meet us, enlarging our vision, connecting people across the city, province and beyond who have a heart for more of God and see transformation. As carriers of His presence, we are awakening to our responsibility to influence the culture around us. When our spirit is changed by His Spirit, a revolution emerges out of desperation to live in alignment with the Kingdom of heaven.

Azusa Winnipeg 2017 Worship CD

Get a glimpse of the worship from last years
Azusa Winnipeg Conference

From Glory to Glory

by Erin Mohr, Scott Bills, Darin Janzen | Glory to Glory

All You Say You Are

by Erin Mohr, Scott Bills, Darin Janzen | Glory to Glory

Lifted High

by Erin Mohr, Scott Bills, Darin Janzen | Glory to Glory

Safe Harbour

by Erin Mohr, Scott Bills, Darin Janzen | Glory to Glory

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